Sunday, December 9, 2012

Unions: Oh how I love thee...

It's always comical to me when 'Labor' supporters wage hell on any employer or state when there is Right to Work legislation.  You have to love this quote from where else, a Detroit Democrat:
"You will forever remember the day when you thought you could conquer labor," Sen. Coleman Young II, a Detroit Democrat and son of the city's fiery late mayor, boomed during floor debate Thursday. "Be prepared to engage in the fight of your life."
This coming from the poignantly titled 'Unions vow political payback for right to work law' Huffington Post article

Disclaimer: My Grandpa, whom I love and admire very much, is hardcore pro-Union.  He feels there should be a Living Wage, Management is always out to get employees, and that Unions/Government help grow this country.

As I have grown older and studied on more economic issues, I realize how wrong of a view my Grandpa possesses.  Who creates jobs?  Government doesn't create jobs.  Why, if I was an employer, why would I want to open a business in a non-right to work state?

Unions prevent employers hiring more workers by requiring a higher wage for the work done, Seniority rules that prevent employers from promoting or rewarding hard working employees, and rules that prevent employers from removing non-productive workers from its workforce.

I used to be a huge Union supporter.  Than I realized where the real problem lies.

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