Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tenth Ammendment Center - Kansas - Holder overreach

It's amazing, but not surprising, that Eric Holder has a job.  How could we forget 'Fast and Furious' ?

Mr. Holder has sent a stern letter to the Kansas Attorney General with regards to Kansas voting to void any Federal Laws that they deem unconstitutional.  People like Holder don't like being told what they are doing is not the law of the land.  The DOJ feels all of its laws should be adhered and supported by all the states.

The gun law conversation has been more of yelling and finger pointing, then actual true debate.

I feel the most unsafe areas in the world are gun-free zones.  Have you ever been to the southside of Chicago?  This city is a case study of what happens when you make it nearly impossible to own a gun.
The Tenth Ammendment Center takes down Holder step by step.  I really enjoy the conversation created by the TAC.  I hope to read more about their work and mission and spread the good word of nullify unjust, unconstitutional Federal Laws.

Check out TAC article here.