Friday, December 28, 2012

Should cities (especially ones like Parma) own golf courses?

It will likely be the third year in a row that Ridgewood spends more than it earns.
Now if Ridgewood was a private company, usually you go out of business when you spend more than it earns.  But not in fantasy world of government owned entities!  

This brings up a valid question, why does a city, Parma no less, own a golf course?  Is it mentioned in the city charter..."there shall be one golf course and one ice cream parlor owned by the city at all times' (sarcasm)

Constantly, Government 'leaders' feel the Government should own business', land, assets...when the exact opposite should  be the case.

If Ridgewood was a viable business, it could function without a $52,000 loan from the city.  Or, it could go to a bank and ask for a loan.  People of Parma, beware...your city council is inhabited by idiots.

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