Monday, March 4, 2013

Teachers Unions: It's about the kids...unless its about benefits

In a somewhat awkward and cold time to decide to strike (Cleveland in March is something inbetween freezing rain and white Squall), the Strongsville Teachers Union decided to go on strike to improve students academic performance, increase test scores, and get better pay.  Well, not all of those reasons are why they went on strike.  It's always amazing to me that Teachers in the Union claim 'This is for the kids'.  I mean, why lie so blatantly?

Silently protesting a board meeting was at least somewhat respectful, if not odd though, back in January.  But then in February they cleared thier throats to utter the ultimate union phrase 'Fair Contract', and "Shame on you, John", in reference to the Superintendent.

There is no major surprises, as the city doesn't have the courage to stand up for the taxpayer, and the unions will not be happy until every demand is met.  Here is a recap of the events in Strongsville.

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