Friday, March 8, 2013

Early Mornings

I remember winter mornings as a kid getting ready to go to Holy Family School.  My Dad would always be up before us, already ironing uniforms for myself and siblings.  My youngest sister would perch herself in front of the vent to stay warm.  (Disclaimer: My house never felt warm in the winter, but it was always welcoming)

Now that I am 29, I look back at those days and I wish I could have held on forever.  It's not that I don't appreciate Adulthood, but life just felt so much simpler.  All the 'problems' I had were intriguing and were defining who I was to become later in life.

I view my economic and intellectual life much differently.  I don't wish to revert back to my 'childhood' with regards to intellectual thinkers and economic viewpoints I had as a younger person.  My view on Healthcare was that it was a travesty that the Government did not provide everyone Healthcare.  Unbeknownst to me it was NOT the gov't's role to provide Healthcare to everyone.  I thought there was a difference between Democrats and Republicans.  I thought taxes should be raised to fund everything, not researching how detrimental taxes are to a society.

Two different childhoods, two different reflections.

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