Sunday, February 3, 2013

Family Matters...not the TV show

As the country shuts down to watch grown men attempting to cross a goal line, it has more of a personal connection to my hometown of Youngstown.  The Debartalo-York family has been prominent for many decades in Youngstown.  Ed DeBartalo Sr.'s driver's wife (yes, the only person in Youngstown to have a limo driver), was my babysitter growing up.  Many members of their family have attended my alma mater Youngstown Cardinal Mooney.

What is intriguing is how the family went through a very rough patch where Ed DeBartalo Jr. and Denise DeBartalo-York countersued each other.  The problems caught up with the team as the product on the field languished.

Cleveland Frowns highlights the ups and downs of the ownership here.

GO 49ers, beat the Ravens!

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