Monday, March 23, 2015

Suggested Ground Rules for Meetings...and Life as well.

These were Suggested Ground Rules at a training conference I recently attended, and I feel it applies to more than just meetings.

  • Actively contribute to discussions.
  • Volunteer for assignments.
  • Discourage outside interruptions.
  • Attend Meetings.
  • Start and end meetings on time.
  • Focus on agenda items during meeting.
  • Solve the problem or make improvements in accordance with the four keys to quality.
  • No "war stories"
  • Listen and show respect for the views of other members.
  • Concentrate on what is being said and allow the person who is speaking to finish.
  • Complete work assignments on time.
  • Avoid disruptive side conversations.
  • Evaluate each idea on its own merit.
  • Make decisions based on Facts.
  • Come prepared.
  • Keep comments brief.
I feel many can benefit just by following these rules, even if only a handful are applied.  Applying all would be most beneficial.

- MO

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